Improvement Planning

Dixons McMillan academy opened in September 2014. Our Pupil Admission Number is 224 for the academic year 2015 – 16 with equal cohorts in year 7 (referred to as the Class of 2022) and year 8 (referred to as the Class of 2021). The academy is already heavily oversubscribed with over 700 applications for the 112 places available for the Class of 2022. We will grow to our full capacity of 720 by 2020. We are proud to be part of the Dixons Multi Academy Trust led by Sir Nick Weller. Our academy sentence summarises are main priority at Dixons McMillan.

“We will do whatever it takes to ensure our whole community is highly employable and fully ready to lead happy and successful lives.”

We aim to develop an efficient and healthy place of learning for our students and staff. Our ambitions will only be achieved through highly tailored instruction, diligent learning, a challenging, enriching and appropriate curriculum (within and beyond the school gates), a forensic focus on literacy and numeracy, excellent attendance and creating a genuine desire to learn cemented together by strong professional relationships across the academy.

Academy Improvement Plan 2016 – 19

Priority Impact

Embedding a learning culture inspired by everyone   having a growth mindset.

  • Demonstrate   outstanding progress and achievement for all.   
  • Ensure learning is rigorous, engaging and underpinned by meaningful   feedback.
  • Embed a rich and exciting curriculum that provides cultural capital   for all.
Sustaining   an ethos focussed on employability.
  • Create a disciplined and happy school culture.
  • Develop scholars who demonstrate grit, hard work and determination.
  • Cultivate effective, autonomous leaders at every level of the   organisation.
Maintaining   a community which is cemented by highly professional and productive   relationships at all levels.
  • Establish a genuine   three-way partnership between families, scholars and staff.
  • Work with the Dixons   Academies to replicate best practice and to contribute to continuous   improvement.
  • Establish a strong   reputation for Dixons McMillan Academy.