Family Dining

Each day we all sit down and enjoy a healthy meal together.  Students are sat on tables with their peers and one adult.  All students have a role to perform for example, serving food.  During this time there is an opportunity to have conversations and discussions with the people on the table.  Although, there is limited choice of food, all students have access to a healthy home cooked meal.  We know students do not always prefer to eat vegetables or healthy food but we know a healthy meal helps students to learn.  At school we reinforce this message and would encoruage parents to do the same at home.  After the main course, students have free access to fruit and a dessert.   Students finish family dining by appreciating someone in school for how they have helped them move forward in their learning - this is a lovely part of our day.  Family dining cements professional relationships and ensures everyone has access to a healthy meal, for these reasons we ask for full parental support.

Before school, breakfast is served at no cost for students and we encourage our learners to have something to eat before the curriculum day commences.  Students are allowed to bring healthy snacks into the academy to enjoy at break time.  We do not allow sweets, fizzy drinks, chocolate or chewing gum for obvious reasons.  These items will be confiscated if brought into school. 


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