Primary to Secondary Transition

We will be delighted to welcome the Class of 2025 (current Year 6 students) and their families into our very special Dixons McMillan family. We will get to know students and their families so we discover what will help each and every student be successful during their time at Dixons McMillan.

We are a truly values driven school and we expect all our staff, students and parents to know and follow our core values.

Excellence - striving for 100% in everything we do, demonstrated through hard work, grit and determination
Positivity - approaching each day with a can-do attitude, tackling every challenge as an opportunity and fully contributing to a joyful school culture for all
Respect - ensuring all members of the community feel valued through treating everyone around us with kindness, fairness and honesty

Academic Transition

  • Staff from the academy will visit each student in their current primary school to discuss with their current teachers the students successes and key next steps in order to help staff at Dixons McMillan plan out at appropriate curriculum for each child.

  • Heads of department have looked at the new Key Stage 2 curriculum and put plans in place to ensure that students in current year 6 will have opportunities to cover those new aspects of the primary curriculum during year 7 at Dixons McMillan.

  • English will use the new wordlists for our weekly spelling tests, give students opportunity to recite poetry and have lessons which will allow them to develop their transcriptions skills.

  • We use a mastery approach to delivering our maths curriculum, and have strategies in place to ensure students are fluent in their tables (up to and including 12X12), allow students to understand the binary method as well as developing students use of roman numerals through our collective learning session.

Pastoral Transition

We have a series our events to allow students and families to get to know the values of the school as well as meet key staff. We do expect 100% attendance at all the events listed below:

  • Transition Evening
  • Literacy Induction
  • Inclusion Testing
  • Family Induction
  • Transition Days


Key Dates

3rd May 2018 - New Parents Intake Evening - Class of 2025 17:15 - 20:30

26th / 27th June 2018 - Individual Meetings with Parents 17:00 - 19:00

2nd July 2018 - Literacy Induction Evening 17:00 17:45

2nd July 2018 - Transition Day



Key Staff

  • Wesley Davies:  Principal
  • Beth Sanderson:  Assistant Vice Principal (Inclusion, Interventions & Mentoring)
  • David Broomhead:  Vice Principal (Behaviour and Safety)
  • Laura Senior:  Vice Principal (Teaching and CPD)
  • John Gilbert:  Assistant Vice Principal (Literacy,Stretch & Humanities)
  • Oliver Handley:  Assistant Vice Principal (Data , Curriculum & Examinations)


Shabahz Mahmood:  Head of Year (Class of 2025)

Contact Details

Telephone: 01274 424350 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.