Vision and Values

DMA Vision
‘We will do whatever it takes to ensure our whole community is highly employable and fully ready to lead happy and successful lives’

DMA Values
All our community subscribes to our values whole-heartedly. We know that having a common set of values unites and brings people together to work towards a common goal. Our values are important because they demonstrate our commitment to excellence, positivity and respect in our daily actions and interactions. We try to use these words as much as possible in conversations at DMA.

Excellence: striving for 100% in everything we do, demonstrated through hard work, grit and

Positivity: approaching each day with a can-do attitude, tackling every challenge as an
opportunity and fully contributing to a joyful school culture for all.

Respect: ensuring all members of the community feel valued through treating everyone around us with kindness, fairness and honesty.

DMA Drivers
At DMA we try to keep things simple and focused on student learning. We have learnt from some of the best practices to develop strategies that remove barriers to learning and ensure all are students are fully engaged at all times. At DMA teachers can teach and students will learn. Every day we are developing our three drivers which are needed to be successful in learning and in life more generally.

Growth Mindset: maximising our abilities and talents through dedication, seeking advice and grasping
any moment of disappointment to ensure it becomes an opportunity to learn and develop.

Employability: developing attributes and habits which are essential to gain and sustain a rewarding career.

Relationships: building strong and professional relationships involves truly appreciating those
around us and fully taking part for the benefit of all.