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Dixons McMillan Academy

Megan Edwards

Assistant Vice Principal

Originally from Scarborough on the east coast of Yorkshire, Megan graduated with a degree in Music from York St John University and completed her PGCE at the University of Huddersfield. Megan then moved to the North West to start her teaching career in Bolton.

Moving back to Yorkshire, Megan came to the academy as Head of Music and set up instrumental peripatetic lessons and cycle showcases. This is a role that Megan still fulfils at the academy alongside her other responsibilities.

In her second year at Dixons McMillan Academy, Megan took on the role of Head of the Class of 2021 - our defining year group - and continued to lead them into Year 11. Megan led our students to achieving outstanding results, including an overall progress score of +1 for disadvantaged students within the year group.

Megan then took on the role of Head of Arts and unified Music, Art, DT, Drama and PE into one faculty, focusing on raising attainment, securing improved progress, and encouraging further participation of students in the Arts.

Megan has recently been appointed to take on the role of Assistant Vice Principal for Behaviour with a wider focus on maintaining our outstanding culture within the academy. Her sentence is “she helped me to achieve my dreams through her commitment and enthusiasm” This underpins everything that Megan strives for in her professional and personal life, and aims to inspire within our students.