Sixth Form

Dixons McMillan Academy began admitting scholars to Year 12 from September 2016. As a small Sixth Form, we offer traditional academic courses to ensure our scholars have a good chance of securing a place in their chosen field of study at a high quality university. The Sixth Form has grown to its current number of 120 scholars and will rise to 160 in September 2018.

Our Sixth Form curriculum is designed to give our scholars the best opportunity to master the basics, as well as providing teachers with the flexibility to tailor their teaching to each individual.

There are four key principles that underpin the design of the academy’s curriculum: 

  • Scholars have access to a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum that supports learning and allows them to thrive.
  • Scholars are challenged and supported by a range of learning pathways.
  • With an extended curriculum, scholars have access to catch-up, extension and enrichment activities.
  • A strong core ensures that essential skills and knowledge are embedded at an early stage, so that scholars are able to access the wider curriculum and are highly employable.

Distinctive features

Our Sixth Form contains distinctive features that supports each scholar’s learning and development. As part of this, all scholars are involved in:

  • one DEAR session each week based on great academic works
  • attending a formal business lunch twice a week
  • taking part in a wide-ranging enrichment programme 
  • taking three two-year A Level courses
  • receiving support from a personal advisor to guide with their next stage
  • taking part in a period of service in the school
  • taking part in scheduled PE lessons
  • completing one week of work experience at the end of Year 12
  • receiving independent careers advice and guidance before completing their UCAS applications


This year, the Academy will admit up to 160 scholars. Priority for admission will be given firstly to students in Year 11 at Dixons Academies. Please see our attached admissions policy for more details.

For more information about the Sixth Form, please contact Mr Alex Fox, Assistant Vice Principal or Kelly Jenkins, Assistant Head of Sixth Form

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