Language and routines

Terms such as "line up", "2 claps on 3", "hands up" and "tracking" will be new to many students and families joining Dixons McMillan. These are terms you will need to learn quickly and which relate to routines as part of a typical day in school. To help incoming scholars with this, we have put together a video presentation and quiz for you to read and complete before you arrive.  Watch the video then scroll down to find the Language and Routines Quiz.  

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Based on forecast wind directions, we are happy to say we’ll be back running face to face lessons again on Monday.
5:55pm 22.11.2020


The academy is open as normal tomorrow Monday 23 November
9:43pm 22.11.2020


@GeeKader @RusheyMeadAcad Agreed - hope you are all keeping safe and well.
8:01am 22.11.2020


Gerald Moyo formerly a student at DKA is a YR1 student at Dixons Sixth studying A-Level Physics, Geography and Maths. "I’ve been able to transition from secondary with ease due to the college’s ability to balance support toward students but also give independence”. @DixonsKings
8:18am 21.11.2020