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Parental Engagement Sessions

Year 11 Mock 1 Results-Principal Video


Date of session: 07/09/2020

After watching our safeguarding video, please complete the Parental Engagement Survey by clicking the link below:

Parent Engagement Survey

Learning Habits

19 November 2020

English & Literacy

7 January 2021

Study Skills

28 January 2021


25 February 2021


15 April 2021

Maths & Numeracy

19 April 2021

Internet Safety

13 May 2021

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Looking for clear and actionable advice for working with parents to support their children’s learning? Our guidance report includes recommendations in four key areas. Download now:
8:03pm 19.06.2021


Week 10: our focus is on our growth mind set and how we can be better tomorrow than today. Good luck to @dixonsma_2026 and @Dixonsma_2027 for your end of year assessments.
9:55am 20.06.2021


Well done to the classes of @dixonsma_2024 and @dixonsma_2025 last week for their resilience in their end of year assessments. Amazing hard work, determination and grit shown! We look forward to celebrating successes and identifying next steps in your end of year reports.
9:53am 20.06.2021


Today's release on #DixonsOpenSource comes from the amazing @DixonsMP; the exemplar of how it's possible to use music to raise standards of achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. It is also at the heart of a joyful and disciplined school culture.
5:00pm 18.06.2021