Feedback is a gift

At Dixons McMillan, we genuinely believe feedback is a gift. In line with our Growth Mindset driver, we need and want feedback to feedforward. We harness the power of feedback to increase scholar learning, by ensuring that feedback causes cognitive rather than an emotional reaction. Our whole culture is built on feedback.

At every collective learning session, after every lunch and at every line-up we reflect on how the day has gone and the highlights in our learning. Everything we do is rooted in our three core values:

  • We are positive when delivering and receiving feedback.
  • Our teachers have real respect for their learners.
  • We work together to strive for excellence.

Our staff are committed to celebrating success and act upon next steps to ensure they are becoming even more professional and talented than they are currently. Staff have a performance tracker which identifies key successes and next steps. Our positive and respectful culture ensures that feedback is always delivered and received as a gift.

We seek feedback from scholars, families and staff. We regularly ask for surveys to be completed and act upon any relative next steps. We have lots of visitors each year to the academy and we always welcome feedback from an external pair of eyes.

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