Term dates

TERM DATES 2019 / 20

Term 1 - Wednesday 21st August to Thursday 17th  October 2019

Staff training day: The academy will be closed to all scholars on Friday 18th October 2019

Holiday Saturday 19th October to Sunday 3rd November 2019


Term 2 - Monday 4th November to Friday 20th December 2019

Scholars will be dismissed at 12:00 on Friday 20th December, however they will be permitted to stay in the ibase until 15:00.

Holiday Saturday 21st December 2019 to Monday 6th January 2020


Term 3 - Tuesday 7th January to Friday 14th  February 2020 

Monday 6th January: STAFF TRAINING DAY

Holiday Saturday 15th February to Sunday 23rd  February 2020


Term 4 - Monday 24th  February to Friday 3rd April 2020

Holiday Saturday 4th April to Sunday 19th  April 2020 

Staff training day: The academy will be closed to all scholars on Tuesday 10th March 2020


Term 5 - Monday 20th  April to Friday 22nd May 2020 

Holiday Saturday 23rd May to Sunday 31st May 2020 


Term 6 - Monday 1st  June to Wednesday 15th July 2020 

Holiday Thursday 16th July onwards

TERM DATES 2020 / 21

Term 1

Wednesday 19th August: STAFF TRAINING DAY

Thursday 20th August: Staff Training Day / GCSE Results

Friday 21st August: Staff Training day

Monday 24th August: Staff Training day

Tuesday 25th August: Y7 Start

Wednesday 26th August: Y8 - Y11 Start

Monday 31st August: Bank Holiday (academy closed)

Friday 16th October: Scholars final day for Term 1

Term 2

Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December

Term 3

Monday 4th January - Friday 12th February

Term 4

Monday 22nd February - Friday 26th March

Term 5

Monday 12th April - Friday 28th May

Term 6

Monday 7th June - Thursday 15th July
Tuesday 13th July: Scholars final day
Wednesday 14th July: Data Day (academy closed to scholars)
Thursday 15th July: Planning Day (academy closed to scholars)

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