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DFE has released a website page to support home learning. Might be useful for families at home.
6:25pm 07.04.2020


Good Morning Class of 2020! Welcome to Tuesday week 1 of the Easter holidays... #bekind #StayHomeSaveLives #DMAatHome
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@KesedzicElvir @AbilitiesB @MiriamLordPS @SCFM_Tweets @BeckfootHeaton @ListerPrimary @StEdmundsNSCC Hope you all have a lovely break and stay safe and well.
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Dixons McMillan Academy

My vision for Dixons McMillan is simple: to provide young people with the very best education possible so that they leave the academy highly employable and ready to lead happy and successful lives. This involves ensuring that scholars are university ready and have highly developed literacy and numeracy skills, coupled with the ability to make a special contribution to the world in which we live. It is important to all of us that the scholars who attend Dixons McMillan have a memorable experience that will stay with them for the whole of their lives. In order to achieve this, we work together to ensure every scholar makes better than expected progress and develop into a positive, well-rounded individual. We have a clear set of school values which we will all live by each and every day. 

Being a Dixons McMillan teacher, parent or scholar is not easy. We demand that students come to school in perfect uniform and that they are ready to learn at all times. Our culture of tough-love allows scholars to very quickly learn how to act and behave in a place of work. We do whatever it takes to ensure all children have an equal chance of success in later life but this means hard work on everyone’s behalf. I often refer to the academy as the 100% school which summarises my belief that everyone should give 100% effort, 100% of the time. 

Thank you for your interest in Dixons McMillan. 

Wesley Davies 
Executive Principal


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