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@DixonsMA_MS I cannot wait! Sounds delicious.
9:57pm 15.06.2021


🌟 Y6 Transition Summer School 🌟 Expressions of interest are due Friday 🌟 Sign up by reading the information below and following the link for the MS Form 🌟
7:35pm 15.06.2021


Great to see our scholars designing posters for our fundraising efforts at DMA. 🍰Tomorrow - Wednesday 16th - there is going to be a bake sale in the playground during scholars break time (across P3). Please bring some spare change if you would like to buy anything or donate 🍪
9:03am 15.06.2021


I had a fantastic time delivering assemblies on our value of positivity to @Dixonsma_2027 We all know positivity is my favourite out of our three values. Year 7 had some excellent ideas on how to bring even more sunshine to DMA and their community.
7:43pm 15.06.2021

Dixons McMillan Academy

My vision for Dixons McMillan is simple: we continue to do whatever it takes to ensure that when children leave Dixons McMillan as young adults, they leave us highly employable and ready to lead happy and successful lives. We talk about how we strive up our mountain by taking a brave new step each day; the mountain analogy symbolises the journey we all make to achieve our dreams. This journey inevitably involves hard work, determination and grit, but we always ask ourselves at the end of each day: ‘How can I be better tomorrow than today?’ and the answer tells us the next step we must take to climb our mountain on our individual journey. When scholars leave us at the end of their DMA journey, we want them to have the choice about which pathway they choose to take at Post 16. This involves ensuring that scholars are university-ready and have highly developed literacy and numeracy skills, coupled with the ability to make a special contribution to the world in which we live. It is important to all of us that the scholars who attend Dixons McMillan have a memorable experience that will stay with them for the whole of their lives. In order to achieve this, we work together to ensure every scholar makes better than expected progress and develop into a positive, well-rounded individual. We have a clear set of school values which we will all live by each and every day.

Being a Dixons McMillan teacher, parent or scholar is not easy. We demand that students come to school in perfect uniform and that they are ready to learn at all times. Our culture of warm-strict allows scholars to very quickly learn how to act and behave in a place of work. We do whatever it takes to ensure all children have an equal chance of success in later life, but this means hard work on everyone’s behalf. We often talk about giving 100%; it demonstrates my belief that if you work hard you can achieve. Thank you for your interest in Dixons McMillan.

Laura Senior, Principal


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