Recent Letters

2021 22 Lexia Letter Y7 Intervention (PDF)
Results Evening Letter (PDF)
D6 A Y11 Visits Letter (PDF)
Year 11 Mock 1 Letter (PDF)
Year 11 Kingswood Letter (PDF)
Macmillan messenger Sept 2021 (PDF)
Update on contact tracing (PDF)
Y11 Parents Evening Letter (PDF)
Safeguarding PES letter 21 (PDF)
Summer Transition Work Class Of 2024 (PDF)
Summer Transition Work Class Of 2025 (PDF)
Summer Transition Work Class Of 2026 (PDF)
Summer Transition Work Class Of 2027 (PDF)
Letter From Marcus Rashford And Henry Dimbleby (PDF)
After School Revision Letter Y11 (PDF)
Dma Year 11 Rse Letter (PDF)
Parent Letter 08 04 21 (PDF)
Dat Y11 Letter For Families Grades 2021 1 (PDF)
Dma Y11 2021 Assessment Timetable Final (PDF)
Y11 Evidence Base 1 (PDF)
Ms Newsletter March 2021 (PDF)
Remote Learning Report Letter (PDF)
Covid Home Testing Letter 17 03 (PDF)
Letter To Families Draft Isolation Learning (PDF)
Y11 Reopening Plans 02 03 (PDF)
Y10 Reopening Plans 02 03 (PDF)
Y9 Reopening Plans 02 03 (PDF)
Y8 Reopening Plans 02 03 (PDF)
Y7 Reopening Plans 02 03 (PDF)
Family Letter 05 01 21 (PDF)
Macmillan Messenger December 2020 (PDF)
Gcse Certificates Collection Day Letter (PDF)
Letter To Families From Public Health England (PDF)
Mc Millan Messenger September Edition 2020 (PDF)
CEO Letter re Face Coverings 26.08.2020 (PDF)
DMA Mountain Support Newsletter Cycle 3 Week 13 (PDF)
Y7 Letter (PDF)
Y8 Letter (PDF)
Y9 Letter (PDF)
Y10 Letter (PDF)
Y11 Letter (PDF)
Dma Autumn Return Letter For Families (PDF)
DMA Newsletter Cycle 3 Week 8 (PDF)
McMillan Message - May 2020 (PDF)
DMA May Edition 2020 (PDF)
DMA Mountain Support Newsletter - Cycle 3 Week 6 (PDF)
DMA Class Of 2025 GCSE Booklet (PDF)
DMA Y8 Options Letter (PDF)
DMA Year 7 Letter To Families 21.04.20 (PDF)
DMA Year 8 Letter To Families 21.04.20 (PDF)
DMA Year 9 Letter To Families 21.04.20 (PDF)
DMA Year 10 Letter To Families 21.04.20 (PDF)
DMA Year 11 Letter To Families 21.04.20 (PDF)
DMA Examination Letter To Year 11 & Year 13 Scholars 24.03.20 (PDF)
DMA Parent Letter - 19.03.20 (PDF)
DMA Sam Learning Letter - March 2020 (PDF)
DMA Y9 Family Letter - March 2020 (PDF)
DMA Grade 5 Conference Letter - February 2020 (PDF)
DMA Ackley Bridge Letter (PDF)
DMA End Of Term Letter 12.02.20 (PDF)
DMA Manchester United Vs Club Brugge Thursday 27.02.20 (PDF)
DMA Epq Presentation Fair – February 2020 (PDF)
DMA Non Uniform - February 2020 (PDF)
DMA Cycle 2 Exam Letter (PDF)
DMA Mock 2 Letter (PDF)
DMA Y7 Rock Climbing - The Big Depot (PDF)
DMA Year 8 Consultation Evening Letter - January 2020 (PDF)
DMA Y8 Masterclass Letter (PDF)
DMA Reading Week C1 Letter (PDF)
DMA Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Letter (PDF)
DMA Y13 Letter Revision Guides (PDF)
DMA Lexia Power Up Literacy (PDF)
DMA Mamma Mia Letter (PDF)
DMA PE Moderation (PDF)
DMA Parental Engagement Evening Learning Habits (PDF)
DMA Year 11 Mock Results Letter (PDF)
DMA Parental Engagement Evening Maths Numeracy (PDF)
DMA Changes To Academy Day (PDF)
DMA Skip Trip 2020 (PDF)
DMA Notre Dame Visit (PDF)
DMA Parental Engagement Evening Study Skills (PDF)
DMA Year 10 Work Experience (PDF)
DMA History Revision Guides (PDF)
DMA Letter Y11 Paper Revision Guides Literature (PDF)

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