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Dixons McMillan Academy

MFL Holidays Competition

Posted 14th December 2023

This year the MFL team, led by Mrs Bowley and Mrs Cavaleiro, launched the MFL Holidays competition for students to take part in.

The aim was to create a poster about a festival or celebration which takes place in a different country. However, students had to use the modern foreign language to create the poster spoken in that culture, community or country.

This year's entries included posters in English, Spanish, German, Urdu, Swahili, Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Italian, Welsh, Mandarin, and even Cornish!

Well done to all who took part. Please see below for the winners and runners up:

3rd place... Ashgar Ali 8Y with his poster about Día de los Muertos in Mexico (Spanish)

2nd place... Amna Wasaf 7B with her poster about Eid in Pakistan (Urdu)

1st place... Momina Waseem 10X with her poster about Christmas in Spain (Spanish)