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Dixons McMillan Academy

Class of 2027 (Y9) First Give Final

Posted 14th June 2023

Year 9 have been incredibly busy over the last few months. As part of their Stretch Project this year, they have taken part in the First Give programme which aims to get young people more involved in local charity work. We were really pleased to welcome our external judges from First Give and the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to the academy, along with an internal judge: Mr Greenwood, our Operations and Business Manager.

Each advisory had a number of teams, and each of those teams had worked really hard to try and make as much money as possible. The academy has been abuzz in recent weeks with talk of sweet and snack stalls and other events such as Teacher penalty shootouts. The advisory finalists then each presented to the whole year group and the judges about what they did, why they did it, who they were supporting, and ultimately how much money they had raised. The final prize was a £1,000 grant to go to their chosen charity.

The Al-Ajar Foundation were announced as the winners after a fantastic presentation. Miss Griffin, Head of Year 9, also received an award for her excellent organisation, as did Aymen Khettab in 9A, who received a special Judge's Commendation after having to do his group's presentation on his own.

You can find out more about First Give here.