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Dixons McMillan Academy

Mission, values & drivers

Like all Dixons Academies, our mission is to establish and sustain a high-performing, non-faith school which values diversity and maximises student achievement in order to challenge social and educational disadvantage in the North.

Our Mission Statement

At Dixons McMillan, we live by the mantra every day that we are a school where everyone feels welcome, and everyone succeeds.

Our Academy Sentence

We will do whatever it takes to ensure our whole community is highly employable and fully ready to lead happy and successful lives.

Our Values

All of our community subscribes to our values whole-heartedly. We know that having a common set of values unites and brings people together to work towards a common goal.

Our values are important because they demonstrate our commitment to having resilience, integrity and courtesy in all that we do. We try to use these words as much as possible in conversations at Dixons McMillan. Staff and students strive to uphold these 100% of the time.

Resilience: We work really, really hard and we never give up.  We have a can-do attitude, and when we find things difficult we work together (as a team) to find a solution.

Integrity: We are good people. We do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. We make decisions for the good of everyone. We are honest and have strong moral principles

Courtesy: We pride ourselves in welcoming anyone warmly to our school community – be it a visitor, a new student, or a staff member. We always have good manners and we are kind, thoughtful and polite

At Dixons McMillan we try to keep things simple and focused on student learning. We have learnt from some of the best practices to develop strategies that remove barriers to learning and ensure all our students are fully engaged at all times

Our Drivers

Every day we are developing our three drivers which are needed to build intrinsic motivation.

Mastery: This means improving at things that matter – this fits with our mountain analogy: students climb their mountain to university or a real alternative

Autonomy: Self-directing our own lives so that we feel in control of and ownership over our learning and where we want to be in the future

Purpose: Serving a cause greater than ourselves; at McMillan we talk about our civic responsibilities and how we are going to be the changemakers solving the world’s problems