Careers education

At Dixons McMillan, we believe in developing the whole child to ensure that scholars not only achieve academically but they thrive as a well-rounded individual. We recognize the importance of ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum which allows and embeds opportunities to ensure we have planned opportunities to develop scholars’ personal development and wellbeing. We aspire to ensure that all scholars are highly employable and be able make informed choices, be enterprising and ambitious when deciding on their destinations. Ensuring that they go on to lead happy and successful lives.

By the end of the Year 11, scholars at Dixons McMillan will:

  • have a had a large number of meaningful encounters with a wide range of employers and higher education through assemblies, careers fairs, residentials, visits, tours and speakers
  • have been provided with tailored support and advice for each pupil, embedding equality and diversity considerations throughout
  • have linked their curriculum learning with careers which is clearly embedded in lessons and employability days
  • have information on different career pathways including apprenticeships, entry requirements and costs and key sector skills through effective use of UNIFROG and presentations
  • have all experienced a workplace visit through work experience in Year 10
  • have been given 1-2-1 personal guidance on future aspirations to lead happy and successful lives through 1-2-1 interviews with a professional employed by the Trust who is qualified up to level 6 for careers conversations
  • complete the effective implementation of UNIFROG across all years to ensure guidance is personalized and impartial, along with destinations and intentions being tracked

Full details of our CEIAG offer, including a timetable of what is available through the year is available in the 'What to do - Careers' at the bottom of this page.


At Dixons McMillan we are genuinely driven by our values and drivers, one of which is ‘Purpose’, directly linked to the effective delivery of careers education to all to ensure scholars can go onto achieve their next step. The artefacts and language of DMA consistently and regularly promote ‘employability attributes’.

Gatsby Benchmarks

We offer a range of careers in the curriculum activities that ensure we fulfil our career guidance duties, emphasising the importance of providing real-life contacts with the world of work to raise aspirations and inspire young people. To do this we closely follow the Government guidance around careers in the curriculum, this is found in the form of the Gatsby Benchmarks and the PSHE Association’s programme of study for personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education within the national curriculum. The breakdown of how each of the benchmarks is adhered to is found on our careers policy document.

Careers SOW

Within each SOW throughout the Academy the core competencies of employability are highlighted. These align with our ethos, values and drivers to ensure that employability and careers in the curriculum are embedded throughout the curriculum for every scholar here at DMA. Careers is also explicitly taught through our PDS programme, ensuring that the PHSE Association Education Core Theme 3: Living in the wider world – Economic wellbeing, careers and the world of work is delivered in a sequential and progressive programme of study across each year group.

Academy Sentences

Each scholar and member of staff at the Academy has developed their own personal sentence that empowers them to strive for excellence and aspire to be successful. Giving each scholar and staff member the drive to succeed as individuals, measuring their success in line with each personal sentence.

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