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Dixons McMillan Academy

KS4 Business Dress

The academy has a dress code that all students are expected to follow. There is an emphasis on being clean and tidy and students must be appropriate for a place of work.

We offer support to families in need with uniform and encourage all of our families to donate any unwanted business dress back to school so that we can repurpose it for families in need.

Our Uniform Shop is available at all parents' evenings, where families can get any second-hand business dress they need free of charge. We also offer other options for support so please do contact school if you need help with your child's business attire.

Item of UniformOptional/RequiredWhen WornGeneric or BrandedWhere to Buy?

Suit or smart jacket and trousers/skirt

RequiredYear roundGenericAnywhere
Dress or jumpsuitOptionalYear roundGenericAnywhere
Smart, plain knitted jumperOptionalYear roundGenericAnywhere
Shirt or smart topRequiredYear roundGenericAnywhere
TieRequired (for boys, optional for girls)Year roundGenericAnywhere
Religious Headdress

(neutral colour e.g. hijab, scarf, turban, crown, top knot)

OptionalYear roundGenericAnywhere
Black full-length socks (not ankle socks)RequiredYear roundGenericAnywhere
Shoes (formal, neutral in colour)RequiredYear roundGenericAnywhere
Shalwar KameezOptionalYear roundGenericAnywhere